Don't Struggle to Grow Lush, Green Grass Anymore

Don't Struggle to Grow Lush, Green Grass Anymore

Achieve the perfect lawn with hydroseeding and lawn overseeding services in the Foley, MN, and Central Minnesota area

If you've struggled to create and maintain a lawn of thick, green grass, we have the solution for you. Complete Yard Care Co. offers one of the only hydroseeding services in the Foley, MN area. Hydroseeding will help you quickly establish a lush yard, reduce soil erosion and reduce seed loss. We proudly offer commercial and residential hydroseeding services. We also offer aeration, fertilizing and overseeding services.

Call Complete Yard Care Co. today to figure out if hydroseeding would be the right choice for you.

5 ways that overseeding can boost your lawn's health

Do you have bald spots on your turf? Or maybe your grass struggles to combat insects and disease. With professional lawn overseeding you can help your grass overcome these issues and look full and beautiful.

Here are five ways lawn overseeding can benefit your yard:

  • Improve grass variety
  • Grass is more resilient to disease and insects
  • Grass can more easily withstand shade, drought and heavy traffic
  • Reduces the need for watering and fertilizing
  • Create thicker and healthier grass

Get ready to enjoy a healthy, green lawn with overseeding services from Complete Yard Care Co.